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Gum Disease Worcester MARussell Street Dental Associates provides general dental services to patients of all ages in Worcester, MA. Our team is led by Dr. Robert Gauthier a well trained and beloved dentist of the local community. Dr. Gauthier had picked his team of dental professionals to ensure the highest standard of care for all of his patients. Through routine dental exams and preventative dentistry, Dr. Gauthier helps to keep your family’s smiles healthy and beautiful.

Russell Street Dental Associates is a family dental practice that provides high-quality dentistry to patients of all ages. From 3 to 93, our team has the training and skill to provide appropriate care for growing and aging smiles. We offer personalized dentistry

In the best case scenario, dentistry is preventive and not reactive. Dr. Gauthier reccomeneds that patients visit the dentist every six months for a routine exam and professional teeth cleaning. Routine dental care helps prevent minor dental concerns from developing into more complex issues. Healthy smiles are important for chewing and speaking and good oral health helps protect your body from many systemic diseases. Patients with poor oral hygiene and deteriorating oral wellness are at a higher risk of such disease as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

General Dental Services Include:

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Taking care of your teeth and gums can help you stay healthy and allow you to enjoy a beautiful, confident smile. Visiting the dentist at least twice a year allows for early intervention and diagnosis for any treatable dental concerns. If you are interested in learning more about our general dentistry services or other solutions, please call us at (508) 687-6579, or schedule an appointment online.


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