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Alleviate Chronic Headaches & Jaw Pain

tmj treatment options worcester maDo you suffer from constant headaches and jaw or facial pain? If you grind your teeth while you sleep, clench your jaw in times of stress, or have damaged your jaw at some point in your life, you may have TMD. TMD is a leading cause of jaw pain and chronic headaches. What many patients do not realize is that their Worcester, MA dentists, Dr. Robert Gauthier, Dr. Jeffery Davis may be able to help alleviate the symptoms of TMD.

Treatment Options for TMD Pain

Many patients struggle with TMD pain for many years before seeking help. Facial pain and frequent headaches can become debilitating and affect the quality of life. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in the treatment of TMD issues and can help you find relief. There is no one size fits all treatment for TMD and our dentists take an individualized approach to all TMD cases to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Occlusal equilibration: Occlusal equilibration helps to correct the alignment of the bite. Teeth that are not properly aligned can cause stress or damage to the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Patients who experience TMD pain associated with misaligned bite often find relief shortly after having their bite realigned. Depending on your personal oral health Dr. Gauthier may recommend one or a combination of the following treatment options to restore proper alignment to your bite:

TMJ mouthguard or splint therapy: Splint therapy is the most common initial treatment option for patients suffering from TMD. Much like a sports mouthguard, this custom fit dental appliance helps to comfortably position the jaw to prevent grinding or clenching. Mostly worn while asleep, this discreet appliance also helps to prevent further damage to the teeth or gum tissue that is often associated with grinding. Your Russell Street dentist will custom fabricate your oral appliance for a secure and comfortable fit.

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If you grind your teeth or suffer from chronic headaches or facial pain there are treatment options available to help you alleviate discomfort. Contact our Worcester, MA dentist office or schedule your consultation online.