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Oral Cancer Screenings Save Lives

Dentist and assistant in exam room with man in chair smilingFinding oral cancer early can save your life. Worcester, MA cosmetic dentists Dr. Robert Gauthier and Dr. Jeffrey Davis encourage patients to visit the dentist regularly for oral health checkups. All of our routine dentist visits include a painless and brief oral screening.

Oral cancer can affect your tongue, tonsils, gums, cheeks or the floor of your mouth. It may be difficult for you to clearly see these areas and it is highly recommended that you visit the dentist at least twice a year for an oral cancer screening.

There are risk factors that can make you more susceptible to developing oral cancer. Knowing your risk factors can help encourage regular screenings. If you notice changes in the soft tissues of your mouth, cheeks or face, be sure to schedule a visit to Russell Street Dental Associates immediately.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Your Age: Oral cancer is most commonly found in patients over 55. However, due to a rise in HPV, oral cancer is being found in men as early as in their twenties. Visiting the dentist twice a year can help save your life and visiting our dentist office twice a year is highly recommended.

Your Tobacco Use: Whether your smoke, vape, or chew, tobacco use can greatly increase your risk of developing oral cancer. Those who drink alcohol and smoke may be at an even higher risk. Some studies suggest that patients who smoke and drink are 100 times more likely to develop oral cancer than those who do not. Smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco can also increase your risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and cardiovascular disease.

Your Exposure to HPV: If you have been exposed to HPV, or have been diagnosed with HPV you are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. HPV is often difficult to detect because it does not display obvious symptoms until oral cancer develops. If you have been exposed to or diagnosed with HPV let your dentist know.

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Oral cancer screenings for early detection of oral cancer can save lives. Dr. Davis and Dr. Gauthier offer a full range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to provide patients with comprehensive and individualized dental care. Contact our Worcester dentist office or schedule a visit online for your regular check up.