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Benefits of A Custom Sports Mouthguard

Before going out on the field to play a contact sport, it is important to remember that teeth are also at risk of injury- and they do not grow back!

Even when helmets are part of the required equipment, a collision or accident can still result in a damaged or knocked out tooth.

As a family dentist serving the Worcester, MA area, we know many patients with children participating in sports and offer custom sports mouthguards to protect growing smiles and give parents peace of mind.

Why Choose Custom Sports Mouthguards?

With so many over the counter and convenient options available, why choose a custom fit mouthguard? This is a common question and your dentist at Russell Street Dental Associates understands your hesitation when offered this product during a routine dental visit with us. However, a custom fit mouth guard does offer some important benefits for both children AND adults who consistently use them during play:

    • Secure, comfortable fit: a custom mouthguard is made specifically for you and will fit snugly and comfortably on your teeth.
    • No need to bite down to keep in place, reducing the energy used while playing sports and sometimes allowing for improved performance on the field.
    • Made to protect any dental appliances or orthodontia to protect your investment in your dental health.

A custom fit mouthguard may encourage a young athlete to be more consistent with wearing this type of protection because it is comfortable. It is also less likely to be popped out of the mouth during contact play or an on field collision.

The entire process is quick and painless: Dr. Davis or Dr. Gauthier will take impressions of you teeth and order your custom mouthguard, which can even be color customized! Contact our office at 508-755-1980 or schedule an appointment online today.